It was an average shift on the bluerose nothing bad really ever happened.
Nobody died, nobody hurt them selves, everyone was happy except the captain and the head of divisions except me.
The captain never seemed happy, I always used to ask the other head of divisions why.
They always just said "once you have been around the galaxy some things you never forget". I didn't believe them.
But one day I saw one of those things you don't forget in the galaxy. A hyper jump gone bad miss calculated us into the center of a pirate blockade.
Some say it was planned that way and that there was a mole in the system, others belive it was new tech that just plucked people out of hyperspace, I say it was just bad luck.
In a matter of minuets we got boarded, it didn't take long for them to reach the bridge were I was cleaning the floor.
It was only me the captain and two under qualified at the least rookie guards. The guards didn't last two seconds.
But then the wierd part was the pirate knew the captain's name and talked to him as if they had met before that's when...
The captain passed his authority to me, right as he shoved me down a trash shoot ... Right after he took a plasma bolt in the back of the head for me.